política científica e tecnológica

A análise dialógica do discurso como possibilidade teórico-metodológica para a produção de conhecimento na geografia escolar

O artigo discute as possibilidades do uso teórico do discurso na Geografia Escolar a partir da perspectiva dialógicodiscursiva do Círculo de Mikhail Bakhtin. O desenvolvimento da discussão foi feito a partir do diálogo entre os conceitos desenvolvidos pelo referido autor de enunciado, signo ideológico e gêneros discursivos. Em seguida, foi apresentada e analisada uma faixa de anúncio como objeto de conhecimento em caráter de ilustração.

Civic Epistemologies from Part V - Influence

This chapter discusses the concept of ‘civic epistemology’ in relation to the IPCC and the governance of climate change. Civic epistemology refers to ’the institutionalised practises by which members of a given society test and deploy knowledge claims used as a basis for making collective choices’ (Jasanoff, 2005: 255). Differences in civic epistemologies seem to be directly related to how scientific climate knowledge – presented in IPCC assessment reports – relates to political decision-making at different scales—national, regional, global.

Global Systems Resilience and Pandemic Disease—A Challenge for S&T Governance

This chapter examines the governance of health technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic and reflects on three interrelated challenges that need to be addressed in future assessment approaches for achieving systemic resilience: problems of scale, trust and politics. The chapter focuses on digital surveillance technologies and vaccines, two cornerstones in the efforts to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2 around the globe.

How much does a Ph.D. scholarship program impact an emerging economy research performance?

This paper presents an impact evaluation of scholarships, within the Brazilian context, on the scientific performance of Ph.D. holders. The objective is to measure the scholarly production of beneficiaries from FAPESP’s (São Paulo Research Foundation) Ph.D. Scholarship Program against unsuccessful applicants. The studied population includes all the individuals who applied for Ph.D. scholarships between 2003 and 2017 and were either granted or rejected by FAPESP. Our evaluation employed a quasi-experimental with ex post facto design.

How Transformative Business Model Renewal Leads to Sustained Exploratory Business Model Innovation in incumbents: Insights from a System Dynamics Analysis of Case Studies

The digital era and mounting sustainability pressures have reinforced incumbents’ need to respond to radical innovation through business model innovation. Despite advancements in the literature on incumbent business model innovation, there are still open debates regarding strategies for achieving systematic innovation and poor integration between the literature on managing multiple business models and the strategic management of business model innovation.


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