Admission to the graduate Geography master´s course takes place in March only, and the selection process at the end of the previous year, possibly as of October.

Admission to the PhD course takes place in March and August, and the selection process at the end of the previous semester.

The schedule and the procedures in relation to the selection processes are published in public notices and on this website.

Credits and Mandatory Disciplines


The minimum and maximum lengths of the Master´s Course are 12 and 30 months respectively.

In order to obtain a Master´s Degree in Geography the student needs to complete a total of 16 course credits and pass the dissertation.

The student needs to study the mandatory discipline (GG 013 – Seminars) + 12 credits in elective disciplines (3 disciplines of 4 credits each).

The minimum and maximum lengths of the PhD Course are 24 and 54 months respectively.


The Graduate Programme in Geography prioritises the training of qualified professionals for research, teaching and the new demands of the labour market, encouraging students to produce and disclose geographic knowledge at different scientific events, exhibiting the methods and methodologies learned in the different approaches, with a focus on physical areas, the humanities and technological areas.

Undergraduate in Geography

Groups: Full-time and Evening

The Professional

Bachelor's Degree - You will be able to conduct reconnaissance, surveys, studies and research of a physical-geographical, biogeographical, anthropogeographical and geoeconomic nature, in addition to general and special studies in the areas of Geography, such as the reconnaissance of regions, natural resources, management of hydrographic basins, ecosystems, territorial, urban and rural planning and environmental studies. You will also be able to act as a University Professor.