Graduate development agency scholarships

For duly registered students, the Institute of Geosciences Master´s and PhD programmes have shares of grants from the Brazilian Federal Agency for the Support and Evaluation of Higher Education (CAPES) and the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPQ), the number of which is determined by the assessment of CAPES post-graduate programmes and varies from year to year.

After enrolling, the student may, together with his/her advisor, apply for a grant from the State of São Paulo Foundation for the Promotion of Research (FAPESP).

CAPES Sandwich PhD Grants Abroad

Grants are associated with the CAPES Institutional Sandwich PhD Programme Grants Abroad (PDSE) for duly registered PhD students interested in conducting an internship abroad.

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Unicamp Teacher Internship Programme Grants

The aim of the Teacher Internship Programme (PED) is to train post-graduate students from the State University of Campinas for the exercise of teaching through participation in internships in undergraduate disciplines.

The Offices of the Dean for Post-Graduate and Undergraduate Studies and the Unicamp Department of Economics and Planning (AEPLAN) will define the total amount available for payments on an annual basis.

The possibility exists of accruing the monthly quota of PED B and C with CAPES, CNPq and FAPESP grants.

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Development Agency Grants for Foreigners

Foreign students from developing countries with which Brazil holds a cooperation agreement are encouraged to apply for grants offered by the Brazilian government through the PEC-PG ( and TWAS-CNPq  programmes (