Special Students are graduates with authorisation from the Department of Graduate to study one or more isolated Graduate disciplines in a specific academic period, provided they are not duly enrolled in a UNICAMP Graduate course. The requirement of a university degree may be waived at the discretion of the Department of Graduate.

Interested students should meet the enrollment deadlines defined in the Academic Schedule, and in the event a student finds it impossible to complete the activities of a discipline, he/she may ask to change the enrollment, withdraw from the enrollment or justified abandonment.

A Study Certificate is issued by the DAC based on the results obtained by the student.

Special students enrolling in a normal course may submit a request to the Department of Graduate for the use of their credits.

Students interested in acquiring a Student Identity should submit a request to the Academic Board (DAC) for this document. 

Foreign students should comply with the pertinent legislation in relation to documents issued abroad, in addition to a valid consular visa.

Changing or Withdrawing from Enrollment

Special students should complete the enrollment alteration form and/or enrollment withdrawal form and deliver it to the DAC office in accordance with the deadlines specified in the Academic Schedule. The form should be signed by the Coordinator of Graduate.

For more information access the Academic Board website