Prof. Dr. David Jozef Cornelius Debruyne

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Assistant Professor, DGRN
daviddeb [at] Room 330 +55 19 3521-4563


Bachelor and Master in Geology from the University of Ghent (2009), with a Master's Dissertation on geochemical interaction between pegmatites and host rocks in Naxos, Greece, supervised by Prof. Marlina Elburg (2011). PhD from KU Leuven on the characteristics of ETR-Y and Lu-Hf from hydrothermal deposits in the Copper Belt of Central Africa, supervised by Prof. Philippe Muchez (2016). Postdoctoral fellow at UNICAMP on dating detrital minerals from Proterozoic sediments in intracontinental basins in the Congo Craton, under the guidance of Prof. Elson Paiva Oliveira. Was a substitute professor at the geological engineering course (UFPEL) in 2017-2018 and 2021-2022 responsible for teaching the following disciplines: crystallography, mineralogy, metamorphic petrology, geomorphology and geodiversity, geochemistry and geochemical prospecting; and professor-collaborator in the discipline of geological mapping. Presently involved in collaborations with Viter Pinto (UFPEL) and Léo Hartmann (UFRGS) investigating ophiolite fragments and related rocks in the Dom Feliciano Belt in Brazil and Uruguay. Currently collaborates on projects involving genesis and mineralogy of lateritic soils mineralized in Ni±Co, evaluation of geosites through geodiversity and tectonic processes in Salvador and petrogenesis of magmatism in the Archean and Proterozoic in the Correntina-Guanambi and Itabuna-Salvador-Curaçá regions and adjacent areas, led by Prof. Natali Barbosa (UFBA).