Admission to the graduate programme in geosciences at Master´s and PhD level takes place in March, and possibly in August, the process being conducted at the end of the semester prior to admission.

The schedule and the procedures in relation to the selection processes are published in public notices and on this website.

Credits and Mandatory Disciplines


The minimum and maximum lengths of the Master´s Course are 12 and 30 months respectively.

In order to obtain a Master´s Degree in Geosciences the student needs to complete a total of 16 course credits and pass the qualification exam and the dissertation.

The student needs to study the mandatory discipline (GA 006 – Seminars) + 12 credits in elective disciplines (3 disciplines of 4 credits each). 


The purpose of the Graduate Programme in Geosciences is to train human resources capable of contributing to the scientific, educational, historical, technological and economic development of the geological and mineral sector in Brazil, pursuant to the needs and welfare of the community, the preservation of the environment and social progress. The programme awards a Master´s in Geosciences and a PhD in Sciences in the area of concentration of Geology and Natural Resources.