Teaching Support Programme (PAD)

The Teaching Support Programme (PAD) implemented through Resolution GR-49/2007, is a scholarship programme designed exclusively for undergraduate students duly enrolled at UNICAMP. The PAD is entrusted to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (PRG) and is managed by the PAD Coordinating Commission. The activities are geared to improving the teaching of undergraduate studies through monitoring conducted by students and should be supervised by the professor in charge of the discipline.

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Scientific Initiation (IC)

Scientific Initiation (IC) is always associated with a professor from UNICAMP. The Graduation Coordination Office does not intermediate scholarships, the student is required to find a professor who is willing to be his/her advisor. An application for a scholarship should always be submitted with a research plan to be developed during the scholarship period, signed by both the advisor-professor and the student. The student should submit the monitoring reports requested by the financing agency throughout the scholarship period. This type of assistance features the most options:

  • The student may, through a professor, apply to development institutions (CNPq, FAPESP, among others) for a scholarship, not associated with UNICAMP in this case.
  • The student may apply for one of the research scholarships awarded by the Student Support Service (SAE), where the selection criteria are based largely on the student´s performance. 
  • The student may apply for one of the scholarships awarded by the Institutional Programme for Scientific Initiation Scholarships (PIBIC) coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Research (PRP), where the selection criteria are based on the student´s academic performance.

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Initiation in Technological Development and Innovation

The Institutional Programme for Scholarships in Initiation in Technological Development and Innovation (PIBITI) is a programme run by CNPq with the aim of encouraging young people in higher education to engage in activities, methodologies, knowledge and practices in the fields of technological development and innovation processes.

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Initiation in Teaching

The Institutional Programme for Scholarships in Initiation in Teaching (PIBID) is a programme run by CAPES/MEC geared to promoting the initiation in teaching of students from federal, state and municipal institutions of higher education. The goals of the PIBID consist of improving the quality of teacher training in full-time undergraduate degree classroom courses and to help raise the standard of quality of teaching at primary and secondary schools.

This UNICAMP Institute of Geosciences programme applies to students enrolled in Full-Time Geography and Evening Geography Teaching Degree courses.

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Social Scholarships

Welfare Scholarships are intended for UNICAMP undergraduate and post-graduate students who are undergoing and can provide evidence of financial difficulties to guarantee their continuation at the university. This assistance aims to prevent students from dropping out, particularly those in need of financial support and who, due to their academic activities, have limited time available.
All currently enrolled undergraduate students can apply for all types of Welfare- Scholarships. Post-graduate students can only apply for Transport and Meal grants. The different types of scholarship can be found at the address provided below.

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The UNICAMP Student Support Service (SAE) provides an area disclosing the Intern and Trainee Programme involving companies in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas.

Furthermore, the curriculum of the UNICAMP undergraduate courses in Geology and Geography includes the Mandatory Supervised Internship, mediated by SAE/UNICAMP, which consists of internship opportunities at public and private companies with a minimum duration of 120 hours.

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